Regenerex in the Media
Rob Waddell's Story

Hear from one of NSCF's post-transplant patients, the father of four. Rob requires no anti-rejection medication more than two years after a combination kidney/stem cell transplant in a clinical trial NSCF funds.

Promising Transplant Trials

New research recently published by the hospital suggests organ transplant recipients may not require anti-rejection medication in the future.

Stem-cell advances may quell ethics debate
The Courier Journal - June 22, 2014

Recent advances in stem-cell research show more promise in adult stem cells, changing the long-running debate surrounding embryonic stem cells.
Immunosuppression-Free Transplant: Interview with Suzanne Ildstad, MD
Renal & Urology News - February 14,2014

Immunologic mismatch may no longer be a barrier between living kidney donors and recipients, thanks to work being done by Suzanne T. Ildstad, MD, director of the Institute for Cellular Therapeutics at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, and colleagues.
Stemcell process spares 5 transplant patients from anti-rejection drugs
The Courier Journal - March 8, 2012

Five people who received kidney transplants are now living without anti-rejection medication thanks to stemcells from their organ-donors. Dr. Suzanne T. Illdstad, A university of Louisville scientist, and her colleagues locally and at Northwestern University in Chicago published the findings in the Science Translation Medicine journal.